Private Tours in Rome

If you want to explore Rome in detail it is better to take a private tour with a private guide.

I hope to suggest a wide range of tours and excursions to meet the needs of the most demanding tourists!

All tours can be combined with each other on request.

ROME - CLASSIC TOURS (description)
Tour 1 Eternal Rome (NO visit of the Colosseum) walking tour 
Tour 2 Eternal Rome (VISIT of the Colosseum) walking tour 
Tour 3  Rome by car(NO visit of the Colosseum)  
Tour 4  Rome by car (VISIT of the Colosseum)
Tour 5 Vatican Museums
Tour 6 Borghese Gallery  
Tour 7 Capitoline Museums  

ROME  - THEMATIC TOURS   (description)

Tour 1 Ancient Rome (VISIT: Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Forum) walking tour

Tour 2 Caracalla Baths, Aventine Hill, Circus Maximus, Mouth of Trouth walking tour

Tour 3 Christian Rome by car: Via Appia, Catacombs , Mother of All Churches, Christian Relics

Tour 4 Trastevere - one of the most charmig quarters of Rome  - walking tour

Tour 5 Jewish Rome

Tour 6 Castel Sant'Angelo
SUBURBS OF ROME (description)
Tour 1 Tivoli (29 km from Rome) 
Tour 1a Villa d'Este - the moste famous villa of the 16th century
Tour 1b Villa Adriana + Villa d'Este - the 2d century villa built by Adrian the emperor and 16th century villa d'Este
Tour 1c Villa Adriana + Villa d'Este + Villa Gregoriana - the 19th century villa built by the pope Gregory XVI
Tour 2 Roman Castles (25 km from Rome) - amazing gastronomic tour- 4-6 h

Tour 3 Master  Class - Italian Cuisine - 4 h
Tour 4 Ancient Ostia - the port of antient Rome
Tour 5 Ceri, Cervetery(etruscan necropolis), Bracciano(Castello Odescalchi)
CRUISES - TOURS FROM THE PORT OF CIVITAVECCHIA - It takes about 1 h 40’  to get to Rome by car
If your ship comes to the Port of Civitavecchia and you have only one day to discover Rome and its vicinity you can take a Full Day private Tour.

Tour 1 Tour of Rome + free time

Tour 2 Tour of Rome + Vatican Museums + NO free time

Tour 3 Tivoli Villa d'Este

Tour 4 Ceri, Cervetery (etruscan necropolis), Bracciano (Castello Odescalchi)

Tour 5 Bracciano (Castello Odescalchi) + Civita di Bagnoregio - " a dying city"

The programm is to be coordinated with the guide

-The car will be at your disposal all the day: the driver meets  you in the port and brings to Rome. After the tour is over the driver brings you back to your ship.

-The guide usually meets you in Rome but can pick you up in the port on your request. 

-The guide meets you in the port for Tour 4 and Tour 5.



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