Suburbs of Rome - Description

Excursions in the suburbs of Rome are carried out by car, van, bus.

The duration is from 4 to 9 hours.

For some tours it is possible to use your car if there is a place  for the guide.
It is possible to develop routes of your choice upon request.
Tour 1 TIVOLI (29km) The city of Tivoli existed  long before the foundation of Rome ...Conquered by romans in the 4th century BC it became a luxury area where patricians built their splendid villas. Since then many villas have been built here  due to the proximity of Rome and excellent climate.
It is possible to visit 3 villas - now open air museums: 

Tour 1a Tivoli - Villa d'Este  - 4h

Villa d'Este was built in the XVI century by the Cardinal Ippolito II d'Este.
It is known for its unique park complex famous for a large number of magnificent fountains.
The outstanding personality of Cardinal d'Este deserves special attention. Few could boast to be a grandson of the Pope! Ippolito II d'Este participated in  two "conclaves", but was never elected a Pope. He realised his ambitions in the construction of this splendid villa taking the ideas from the nearby villa Adriana. But he also discovered his engineering skills and managed to create splendid fountains using  the waters of the River Aniene with its waterfalls that gave him an idea to take advantage of what Mother Nature had given itself.   
Tour 1b Tivoli - Villa Adriana + lunch + Villa d'Este - 7h

Emperor Hadrian  prefered the construction of edifices to the wars. He was very fond of architecture! This villa was built as a permanent residence. Here the emperor has reproduced his favorite places that he saw in Athens or Egypt during his numerous and long voyages. It was the most luxury villa ever built anywhere. What is left of the villa is splendid. It is difficult to imagine what people could feel once in the villa  in the 2d century! Even today the visitors feel themselves "a grain of sand in the desert". It is no accident the most luxurious villa of the Renaissance - Villa d'Este - is in the immediate vicinity of this ancient villa, where one could borrow not only the ideas but the materials as well ...
After the visit of Villa Adriana you'll have a good chance to appreciate italian cuisine and then to enjoy the visit of Villa d'Este(Tour 1a)
Tour 1c Tivoli - Villa Adriana + lunch + Villa Gregoriana + Villa d'Este - 9h

Visit of Villa Adriana (Tour 1b)
Transfer to Villa Gregoriana. Lunch at the restaurant "Sibilla" famous for its exquisite cuisine.
Vill Gregoriana - visit:
In 1832, Pope Gregory XVI decided to save Tivoli and its inhabitants from devastating floods. A revolutionary project was proposed -  to change the course of the River Aniene.  For that time it was a very ambitious idea. But it was realized and as the result a beautiful waterfall appiad in Tivoli. To make it easier for people to admire this wonder the Pope  Gregory XVI created Villa Gregoriana where tourists could come closer to the waterfall. During the construction of villa Gregoriana an ancient roman villa was discovered... At the same time an old bed of the River Anieni  and its numerous smaller waterfalls and grottoes were in the same area. So villa Gregoriana bacame very attractive site in the suburbs of Rome. As soon as in the XIXth century Villa Adriana was not excavated yet and Villa d'Este was a private property Villa Gregoriana was the only one that could be visited. And it became world famous!
Transfer toVilla d'Este - visit (Tour 1a).
Schedule Villa Gregoriana:
from 1 to 31 March - 10 - 14.30;
from April 1 to October 15 - 10 - 18.30;
from October 16 to November 30 - 10 - 14.30

Villa d'Este e Villa Adriana are open all year round.

The tickets:

Tour 2 Roman Castles  - 4 hours - MAP
Many people view this tour as enogastronomic one and in part the are right. But what is much more important  - this area is closely connected with the history of Rome with its foundation. That's why I recommend to include it into your program of visit of Rome.

Not far from Rome, on the tops of the hills of volcanic origin, there are picturesque towns, formerly impregnable medieval castles. The castles have disappeared, but the area is still called "Roman Castles".
In one of these towns, Castel Gandolfo, a summer residence of the Pope was created  in the XVII century and it is still serves its purpose. The residence is located on the  high bank of Lake Albano with a  breathtaking panorama. Not far from here there is  another lake - Lake Nemi with the Museum of the ships (can be visited on request - 1h; closed on Monday), created in the time of Mussolini  after raising from  the bottom of the lake the roman ships  of the Emperor Caligula.
Both lakes are in the craters of extinct volcanoes. The soil in this area is rich with minerals and extremely fertile.
On the steep bank of Lake Nemi there is a town of Nemi where in every bar and restaurant they offer incredibly fragrant and delicious  berries: raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, blueberries that are cultivated right here in the greenhouses on the banks of Lake Nemi.
Roman Castles is a  well-known wine region. "Castelli Romani" wine  brand is the pride of the Lazio  region. Another local gastronomic  pride is  "porchetta" - a hot smoked pork.
During the tour you can try these local products(optional) or dine in one of the local panoramic restaurants.
During our tour you will see the abnormal zone. This place is easy to find thanks to the numerous plastic water bottles on the roadside. Why...? You will find out during the tour.

Tour 3 Masterclass - Italian Cuisine - 4 hours. Recommended for a group (min.10 persons).
The cooking lesson is held in a restaurant located on a high bank of the picturesque Lake Albano, near Rome. You will learn to cook Italian first dishes: fresh pasta - pasta fresco (can be stored in the refrigerator.)
Under the guidance of an experienced chef and with the help of interpreter you'll make fresh pasta: fettuccine, tagliolini, cappellini and ravioli.
The chef will  control and help personally each participant.
When everything is ready the chef will show you how to cook these dishes with different sauces (sugo) and you'll taste them.
The wine tasting is possible on request.
During the lesson you can take pictures and video . Your interpreter will help you with the photos.
Once at home you invite your friends for italian party.
The program can be tailored to meet your needs.
This tour goes well with Tour 2 "Roman Castles"
Tour 4 Ancient Ostia - the port of antient Rome - 19 km from Rome - 3 hours (closed on Monday)
Ostia - the first ancient port of Rome - IV century BC . The word "Ostia" comes from the Latin "ostium", that means "mouth of river" - a place where the river flows into the sea.
You have a unique opportunity to realise how people lived and what they did.  Ancient Ostia - a unique historical monument of ancient architecture. The theatre of ancient Ostia  built according the canons of Greek architecture is well preserved. Ostia was a very important trade port and it was here that  the first  synagogue was founded.
The city is dead and frozen in time ... It lost its role as a port during the time of roman Empire and was abandoned definitely in the XVI th century when the river Tiber changed its course...
Tour 5 Ceri, Cervetery(etruscan necropolis), Bracciano(Castello Odescalchi)

Tour 6 Bracciano(Castello Odescalchi) + Civita di Bagnoreggio - " a dying city" 




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