Rome - Thematic Private Tours - Description

Tour 1 Ancient Rome (VISIT: Colosseum, Palatine, Forum) walking tour - 3,5h
The Colosseum (visit), Roman Forum (visit), Palatine Hill (visit) where the city of Rome was founded in 753 BC., the Circus Maximus - roman ancient hippodrome, the imperial palaces - the seat of the Roman emperors, the most ancient part of the Palatine Hill where  "capanna" huts  were discovered. Sometimes it is possible to visit the Domus of the Emperor Augustus.


Meeting point for Tour 1 - The Arch of Constantine 

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The Colosseum is to be booked online - LINK  - skip the line:

-adults 14 euro p/p

-children up to 18 - 2 euro p/p

-up to 6 years old - free

Tour 2 Caracalla Baths + Aventine Hill + Big Circus + Mouth of Trouth -  walking tour - 2,5h
We'll visit the most important monument in rome - the Baths of the Emperor Caracalla (213-217AD ), Big Circus - the first roman hippodrome, Aventine Hill with its "Rose Garden", churches of St. Sabina and of St. Alexis, the famous "Keyhole Rome", orange grove with a magnificent view of the city, down to the Tiber along the medieval basalt road, Forum Boario: the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin with the famous mask "Mouth of Truth", temples of 2 BC.


Meeting point for Tour 2 - at the entrance to the Baths MAP

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Entrance tickets:

-adults 6 euro p/p

-children up to 18 - free

Tour 3 Via Appia,  Catacombs , Mother of All Churches, Christian Relics - by car -  3 h

The Queen of All Roads  - Via Appia was the first road paved by Romans. Even today it is very well preserved. As soon as a law adopted in 451 BC forbied  to bury dead only outside the сity walls, romans buried their dead along the consulate roads. Many of the mausoleums survived the destruction that makes Via Appia one of the most attractive sites in Rome.

Christians were to respect thi law but they didn't have money for the construction of necropolis. The had nothing to do but tu create underground cemeteries - Catacombs.

In 313 AD Constantine the emperor legalized christianity and built the first Basilica for christian meetings - San Giovanni in Laterano - Mother of All Churches and the first Baptistry. Many relics have beeb  brought to Rome sins that time:   the Holy Steps – brought from the palace of Pontius Pilate, the manger where Christ was put when he was born in the shed - now in  Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica...
Meeting point for Tour 3 - in albergo
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Entrance tickets to the Catacombs - 8 € p / p

Tour 4 Trastevere – one of the most charmig quarters of Rome  - walking tour - 3-3.5 h

Marcello Theatre 1 BC, Forum Boario, "Mouth of Truth",   Tiberina island  in the shape of a ship,  the most ainsient roman bridge,  Trastevere - the medieval quarter of Rome,   14th century Casa Mattei, the church of San Benedetto  in  Piscinula (visit if open) - the smallest church in Rome  built on the very spot where St. Benedict lived in Rome,  Via della Lungaretta - an ancient Roman street, Anguillara Castle or the House of Dante, the church of San Grizogano often visited by Michelangelo, the church of Santa Maria in Trastevere, built before the legalization of Christianity - the first dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Window  of Fornarina - Raphael's love, the church of San Pietro in Montorio, Bramante ‘s temple – one of the wonders in architecture, a monument to the defenders of the republic in 1849, among whom was Goffredo Mameli – the author of the anthem of Italy "Fratelli d'Italia", Paola Fountain - the largest in Rome, Piazzale Garibaldi - the highest BELVEDERE  of Rome -  on top of the Janiculum hill, included in the  city limits in the 17th century -  the 8th hill of Rome, equestrian statue of Garibaldi and the cannon, which shoots at noon, and the Romans collate it for their watches.

Meeting point for tour 4 - in front of Marcello Theatre  MAP
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Tour 5 Jewish Rome - Marcello Theatre, Ghetto, Synagogue,Trastevere, Santa Maria in Trastevere - walking tour - 2h

Marcello Theatre, Portico of Octavia,  square of  October 16, Black Saturday of 1943,  Ghetto, the Turtle Fountain, the Synagogue(no visit during the tour ) , Tiberina island, Trastevere - an area where Jews settled in the second century BC, the first synagogue in Rome, Via della Lungaretta - antique Roman street, the   Anguillara  Castle or Dante's House(Casa di Dante), the Church of San Grizogano often visited by Michelangelo, the church of Santa Maria in Trastevere built before the legalization of Christianity - the first dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Punto d'incontro per Tour 5 - in front of Marcello Theatre MAP
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Tour 6 Castel Sant’Angelo or the Mausoleum of Adrian the Emperor  - 2 h

Castel Sant’Angelo  - one of the most impressive  monuments of the Roman Empire. It was built in the 2d century AD as a mausoleum - the burial place for Hadrian and his family,  then  it was turned into the fortress and in the 15th century – into the residence of the Popes where they kept the treasury  and the secret archives of the Vatican. It was also used as  a prison for  state criminals such as  Benvenuto Cellini, Count Cagliostro, Giordano Bruno ...
Meeting point – at the entrance MAP
Museum Hours: 09.00 - 19.00; tickets sold until 18.30.
Closed: Monday, December 25. 1st of January

Entrance tickets:

- adults 10euro p/p

-18 - 25 years old - 5 euro p/p CE
- up to 18 years old - free 


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